Durability window is the key

Among other factors, durability is one of the essentials in selecting a window. Color schemes are adjustable, energy efficiency is rather similar in contemporary windows, but durability still varies, so it requires some thought. Let’s see what your new windows may be made of, and what characteristics they should have to provide you with warmth and convenience.

Most of all durability depends on the material, but there’s also the issue of quality craftsmanship and regular maintenance. Windows can last for decades, so let’s see what the factors are.

Materials in comparison


What can be cozier and more traditional and timeless than wood windows? They are very popular and fit pretty much into any interior. The major disadvantage is in the fact that wood is most prone to damage from the elements. Rotting away, chipping paint, cracks in the frame – potential problems are numerous, but rotten window repair can be easy with if the problem is caught at the outset. Thus, if you love the look of wood windows, you need to be ready for regular work on them, then your windows should wear well. Don’t think that everything’ll work out by itself, annual inspection, refinishing and sanding may be required, otherwise you’ll see your beautiful windows deteriorate within the span of just a few years.

Types of windows

  • Vinyl

The opposite of wood in terms of maintenance requirements. Zero-maintenance vinyl is resistant to everything you can name, and is affordable and neutral in design.

  • Fiberglass

Even more durable and more elegant-looking than vinyl, fiberglass is an excellent option, resistant to rust, corrosion or the elements.

  • Aluminum

Not frequently used in residential environments, aluminum windows are very strong and weather-resistant. They do require extra insulation, but as far as durability – they are virtually invincible.

  • Composite

The most contemporary material, composite is a special combination of natural and synthetic materials that is marked by extreme durability, elegance and lack of need for maintenance.

  • Wood-clad

Wood on the inside for the classic look, and durable fiberglass or vinyl on the inside, this is a perfect combination.