Emergency window repair

Emergency window repair is often required after unforeseen events occur. After an accident, a powerful storm, or a break-in all you want to do is deal with the consequences as soon as possible. Functional windows and doors are the foundation of a homeowners’ peace of mind. If you need a professional solution to resolve the problem with a broken door or window, call on our professional team to respond quickly and provide high-quality service. Accidents tend to happen at the most inconvenient times, so we’re happy to provide flexible scheduling options. Besides, shards of smashed glass may prove an additional hazard on its own, besides compromising the security of your home.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the glass may either need to be entirely replaced, or the window may have to be boarded up and a replacement ordered. The latter may occur if the window is of an unusual shape or size, or the damage is severe and involves the window or door frame and adjoining parts, such as the entryway, frame or casing. Doors are also subject to emergency repairs.

We provide repairs of windows and doors at residences, commercial establishments, and anywhere else they may be installed. Affordable, high-quality, standard or custom-made – we are skilled in the entire range of window repair-related services.

The types of repairs we provide

Whether you need wood window repair, door replacement, a hinge is stuck or a garage door doesn’t open on a cold winter day, we follow the best practices in our work.  Most of the time we’ll be able to replace your broken glass on the spot, but if the area needs to be boarded up, there are options for short-term and long-term board-up.

Urgent repairs are not the only kind of services we provide, contact us for wood door repair, window replacement, removal and treatment of rotten parts of the window frame, insulation services foggy window repair, shutter restoration and whatever other window issues may be troubling you.

So, if today is the day when you’re forced to search for emergency window repair in Сhicago or the surrounding area, we will be glad to help you deal with your problem in the quickest and most professional manner.