Fiberglass windows – types and myths

Fiberglass windows may just be the perfect compromise between classicism ad modernity. Extremely energy-efficient and durable, they are also a pleasure to look at. There are several types of fiberglass windows on the market today, and certain features associated with each, so let’s go into a little more depth about them.

Types of fiberglass windows

  • Fiberglass all around

This type of window frame resembles painted wood both on the inside and outside. There are optional finishes and different colors that can be used to change the look

  • Fiberglass structure, wood interior finish

This window also has a fiberglass sash, frame and sill, but the interior is covered with solid wood or wood veneer. Expect an approximately 15% price leap compared to the all-fiberglass model.

  • Hybrid

This model is constructed of a fiberglass sash, and solid-wood interior elements.  The exterior frame comprises vinyl and ground wood, and the price is even steeper, comparable to aluminum-clad wood windows.

Misconceptions about fiberglass windows

There are several myths strongly associated with fiberglass windows, which have been on the market for just 15 years and are only gaining a foothold among the consumers.

One of such myths is the prohibitively high price of fiberglass windows. While the price is on the average about 15-25% higher than that of vinyl windows, this is precisely the case where your investment will pay off for sure. Fiberglass windows are great for the home resale value, along with being the most energy-efficient and maintenance-free. Its energy efficiency is attributed to the glass staying perfectly aligned with the frame because of their similar expansion and contraction rates.

Another widespread myth claims that fiberglass is brittle, and chips and cracks easily. There’s not much to say here, let us just inform you that fiberglass is about 8 times stronger than vinyl and 3 times stronger than wood. This covers both tensile and modulus strength. Sounds like that’s settled, right?

Yet another common misconception states that fiberglass windows require painting. This is utterly untrue, as fiberglass windows come with manufacturer-provided UV coating, all subsequent window painting is entirely discretionary, and may be done only for aesthetic purposes.

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