Foggy window repair service

Are you troubled by the annoying moisture agglomerating inside your windows? Forget expensive window replacements! Foggy window repair in Chicago is a perfect option that will bring your windows back to life and restore full transparency. If your only problem with the windows in your home is the condensation of moisture, there’s no need to consider any costly options, simply order professional window defogging from Window Quality Works.

Insulated double-pane windows frequently fog up. What are the reasons? Very simple. Gas-filled window units (IGUs) comprise two glass panes is a single factory-sealed unit with excellent insulation properties. There is either air or argon / krypton gases inside the unit, with the latter being superior in technical characteristics due to the higher density of the gases when compared to air. When the seal that keeps the gases inside the unit becomes less airtight, the gases escape – at different rates depending on the degree of seal degradation. There’s a number of factors that affect the operation of an IGU, including fluctuations in temperature and air pressure, working load, wind, sunlight and humidity. In other words, these factors affect the life expectancy of window seals, but eventually all of them fail and will require your attention.

Defogging is an eco-friendly, efficient and long-lasting solution to the annoying fog between you and the beautiful view of the world through your windows.

Defogging process

There’s an algorithm to foggy window repair and it’s rather straightforward.

  1. A tiny hole is drilled in the glass
  2. A special solution is infused inside the IGU
  3. Fog dries up
  4. A small window vent is installed, enabling the window to expel moisture on its own

When all else fails, the IGU glass unit may be replaced, which is also a less expensive and far less messy option than full window replacement.

Let us restore the view from your home and save your money, too! Call on Window Quality Works if you’re typing ‘window repair near me’ into your search box. From major replacement work to rotten wood repair, we’ll provide you with top quality service.