Historical Window Restoration

A majority of contemporary window designs have evolved from the historical window designs featured in older buildings. There is rapid urbanization going on in many parts of the world. The old neighborhoods are being reconstructed and modernized. While urbanization is good in many respects, many regions have managed to retain their historic buildings and neighborhoods. It is a reminder of the rich history and culture that has kept the community together. However, these buildings are old, and they need various types of repairs, especially the windows, which have been used countless times since the historic buildings were constructed.

How can these historic windows be restored without damaging their historical value?

Many attempts to restore historical windows have ended up badly with the windows getting damaged. This means the restoration of historical windows should only be carried out by an expert window repair service.

Restoring historic windows

Most historical windows are made from wood. Handling wood should be done with the best of care to prevent termites from attacking the wood. The wooden frame should also be fortified to resist harsh weather conditions. The tools needed for this restoration job include; putty for the wood sash, window zipper, a speedheater, point setting tools for glazing, and other glazing tools.

Window sash replacement

The historical window sash commonly features the mortise and tenon joints which were predominantly used by builders in the old days. It makes the restoration process easier because the joint can be taken apart in order for the appropriate repairs to be done. If the stile has been damaged, it will be replaced. The application of glue during the restoration process should also be carefully done to prevent moisture from being retained in the sash, which could cause more damages over time.

The painting will be done using a high-grade paint that restores the beauty of the window. Many historical windows are repainted the same color to maintain the previous appearance.

Costs of restoring historic windows

The costs of complete restoration of the historical window will depend on the work to be done, which often includes window sash replacement. Overall, the parts that may need to be replaced should not be very expensive on the average. The extent of the work to be done needs to be estimated individually, so please call ahead to get a quote for the job.