Home window frame repair

If you’re searching for ‘window frame repair near me in Chicago’, you are most probably experiencing some sort of trouble with your windows and wondering how to go about fixing it.

We at Window Quality Works love windows – all kinds, all types, period and modern, worn and brand new. That’s why we are always up for repairs rather than replacement. There are many reasons for that, and here are a few:

  1. The original style of the window will remain intact;
  2. Properly done repairs will make your window last for decades with proper maintenance;
  3. Original wood is of a very high quality, especially if your windows date back to before 1950;
  4. Original woodwork is also extremely durable and better than in most of the new industrially manufactured units you’ll be able to purchase today;
  5. The amount of money spent on repairs is a fraction of the cost of replacement units;
  6. We think saving history in the little details is a worthwhile thing to do;
  7. Repairing pretty much anything rather than repairing it is an ecologically sound step, and the environment needs our help.

Home window frame repairs range in scale from very minor, which make take a couple of hours, to serious jobs for a team of professionals to spend a whole day or two on. It’s crucial to fix whatever issue there is as soon as it’s noticed, since issues like rot may spread and require more work in a month or two than they do now.  Fixing a drafty window will lead to noticeable savings on your heating bill, and fixing a crack in a window frame will prevent exposure to the elements. Generally speaking, repairing damage at an early stage is likely to prevent the need to replace window frames – a costly and lengthy undertaking.

Common problems

  • Broken window glass
  • Broken sash interlock
  • Leaking nail fin
  • Broken frame
  • Rotten frame
  • Leaks and drafts

We gladly offer window repair services, and are also professionally skilled in replacing window frames, fixing doors, so call us for a consultation or an estimate – or both.