How Can a Window Sash be protected from Rot?

After fixing new windows or when you have just had a repair job done on your windows, there are certain things you can do to prevent rot.

In this post, I will be writing about the best tips you can apply to keep your windows functioning properly for a long time.

Prevent condensation in the window sash

When moisture settled in and around the window sash, it becomes condensed and can cause damage to the window sash, eventually rotting. You can ensure that your home and areas around the window are well ventilated. During the winter, you can use ventilation fans, and other times open the windows to allow ventilation.

Proper checks

Checks should be regularly done by a professional window repair expert to ensure there are no cracks that can allow moisture compromise the window sashes. Any cracks you observe can be sealed.

The moderate use of a humidifier

During the hot season, the excessive use of humidifiers can compromise the functions of a window sash. It is best to use these devices moderately.

These tips work, however, if you observe that your window sash is already rotted, we can help. We offer professional rotted window sash repair in Oak Lawn. Our services are quick, professional, and reliable.