Irregular window repair

Irregularly shaped windows are an indication that the architects are becoming more liberal-minded with their designs. Irregularly shaped windows have existed for a long time. In the early days, they were usually created as a result of mistakes or errors that the homeowners didn’t bother to correct. Over the years, windows have transitioned from the regular shapes to include shapes such as trapeziums, circles, and other irregular designs that perfectly match the architectural design of the building.

Irregular shape windows can be a bother to some contractors, especially when the homeowners seem to be quite extreme in their demands, however, the installation of irregular shaped windows should never be a problem for well-trained and experienced window repair and installation contractors in Chicago. Depending on the materials from which the window has been made from, during installation, the focus will be on the strength of aluminum or wood for the frame and ensuring that the window glass is properly fixed and insulated. The proper application of sealants will prevent leaks.

Repair and maintenance of irregularly shaped windows

Just as other types of windows, irregular windows should be regularly checked during routine home maintenance inspections. The following parts of the window should be assessed to ensure that they are in order.

  • grilles
  • casings
  • interior and exterior mouldings
  • extensions

Due to their irregular shapes, defective windows need to be replaced by experienced window repair contractors. Our services are always available for window glass replacement in Chicago for all types of irregular shaped windows. The window glass used as a replacement must be a perfect fit to ensure that the energy efficiency and other functionalities of the irregular windows are retained. Some common checks done during irregular window maintenance include determining the airtight capacity of the window, the reliability of the window seals, and the wind load resistance. These checks are necessary due to the irregular shapes of these windows. In Chicago, we offer these window repair and maintenance services for all types of irregularly shaped windows.