Pivot wood window repair

The uniqueness of pivot windows makes them a common feature in modern homes where the designers seek to create outstanding home designs. Pivot windows have a remarkable impact on both the interior and exterior appearance of the home. They can be either square-shaped or round pivot windows. Even with a simple look pivot windows should top your considerations if you need windows that can allow in a lot of natural light and air.

The mechanism for pivot windows is also simple; the window is anchored on a pivot bar at the top and bottom to hold the frame steady. In most cases, the angle of opening is determined by a stopper strategically positioned along the window track. Pivot windows can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl, or steel. The designs can also be made to extend from the ceiling of the building to the floor. In this case, the window frame is called a door. The choice of window glass used for this type of window is usually light-weight to get a good balance. It can be a single pane clear window glass or a stained or tinted window glass.

When closed, the pivot windows look like your regular windows, but the beauty and style become apparent when they are opened. In some homes, pivot windows are arranged in a row to create a spectacular design.

Potential pivot window problems

Some common issues experienced with these windows include

  • worn out parts which prevent normal functions of the window
  • leaks
  • faulty pivot bars
  • dislodged pivot
  • faulty locks due to problems with the mechanism.

These issues can be resolved by experienced window repair technicians in Chicago.

We can help you repair and maintain your pivot windows so that you enjoy the best value all year round. We can schedule the pivot door restoration for those large pivot windows positioned at the entrance of building to maintain the aesthetic value they present. With our experience repairing pivot windows, we will ensure that the pivot, bars, and parts are fortified to last long after repairs. Call us today; book an inspection for your pivot windows with the best window repairs company in Chicago.