Repair an old window sash in ELGIN

While proper care and maintenance of your window sash is the best way to ensure its longevity, it is natural for the elements and time to damage an old window sash. Your window sash may begin to have some rotted parts that need repairing or replacement. We can use liquid epoxy to penetrate the wood, and breathe new life into your old window sash by filling cracked or rotted parts before sanding and repainting your window sash. By the time it is repainted, it will look like a brand new one, while still retaining the original wood.

Repairing and repainting your window sash in Elgin just got much easier and affordable. We offer highly efficient and affordable professional services to get your old window sash back to its former glory or looking just as good as new. We will renew your salvageable window sash or fully replace it without altering the overall design of your window. Contact us today for a prompt and reliable window sash repair service in Elgin. Our team of experienced professional window sash repairmen will restore the stunning and elegant design to your old or damaged window sash using the latest and most effective technologies to achieve the best possible result that guarantees your satisfaction.