Repair an Old Window Sash

Wooden windows usually give your home an additional beauty. And if they are properly maintained, they can last for decades. Sadly, window sashes might degrade or become damaged over time and will need repair. Also, being exposed to certain elements, the window sash can decay or rot. Most homeowners might think that repairing their window sash is a daunting task. But, that is not the case. To repair your window sash is very easy and straightforward. All you need is the right tools and knowledge. Follow the below steps to repair your window sash like a pro.

First, if you usually inspect your window sash from time to time, all you might need is just a little spot repairs. You can repair this small issue with the sash repair kit. The constant sash repair will keep water away from it.

However, if you haven’t checked out or inspected your window sash for damage for a long time, it might have rotten beyond repair. In this case, it might require a partial or full window sash replacement. Depending on how much the damage is, you might not need to remove the panes from the window sash.

For a small patch, you can clean it and fill it with epoxy and coat it with paint. On the other hand, if the damage is extensive, then you will need to take the whole sash out to repair or even replace it.

If you want to repair your old window sash, you need not worry as we are the best for the job. Check us out today!