Rotted window sash repair Aurora

Do-it-yourself window sash repair jobs do not last for two reasons. In most cases you may be unaware of the specific underlying reasons as to why the sash became damaged in the first place. If you are unable to identify the underlying reason the problem will continuously manifest itself. Secondly, the sash is unintendedly collects snow and water. Therefore, using the wrong substance to conduct a DIY patch job will lead to accelerated rotting and further damage. In some instances, you may even use the right substance but not in the right areas and once water finds its way beneath caulk or paint, the rotting process will continue.

However, when rotted sashes are brought to the attention of professionals early during the rotting process, they can apply a viable solution that can effectively stop the decay dead in its tracks. We have a wide variety of effective chemical substances that we can use to repair rotted sashes. The substance we use is all dependent on the structure of the home as well as the kind of sash that the window consists of. If you live in Aurora or one of the surrounding areas of it, reach out to us and receive a free estimate.