Rotted window sash repair Barrington

Your window sash is basically a crucial component of the integrity and structure of your window. As such, it’s important that you acquire replacement sashes that are well-constructed. Living in Barrington, you are well aware of the weather extremes that the city faces on an annual basis. As such, you may also know how important of a role your window places when it comes to ensuring that you stay comfortable all year round.

Having been in the business for over several years, we know exactly what to look for when it comes to providing our customers with an effective solution. for instance, in some situations we recommend that our clients stay away from aluminum or wood sashes, whereas in some situations wood or aluminum may be ideal. It all depends on the structure of your home and the surrounding environment. The only way you will know which type of sash is ideal for your situation is to contact a reputable company. If you live within the Barrington area, feel free to give us a call and we can dispatch an agent to personally evaluate your specific circumstance.