Rotted window sash repair Schaumburg

We recently came across a situation where a customer from Schaumburg ended up spending significantly more than he would have, had he elected to contact us first. In the midst of getting a painting contractor, the client determined that he needed to conduct a DIY project to repair his window sash. He had come to the conclusion that by filling any visible gaps with liquid epoxy, this would solve the problem.

After spending an abundance of time and energy to seemingly fix the problem it was to no avail. Within a few weeks, he noticed that the window sash was still rotting and he already paid a painting contractor to paint over them. Once the client contacted us, we informed him with regret that in that specific scenario, the underlying reason why the sases became rotted was due to improper installation of the gutter which lead to an abundance of water being sent over the section of where the window was located. As such, not only did we have to replace the sash entirely, we also realigned the gutters to prevent over-spillage from occurring where the window was located. Had he elected to contact us beforehand, we would have been able to repair the sash, before he spent money on repainting them. Don’t end up in a situation where you spend double to get the same job done. Get it done right the first time by contacting us if you live in the Schaumburg area.