Rotted window sill repair in Aurora

Window sills are essential when it comes to the overall durability and performance of your windows. Simply said, if your windowsill isn’t functioning properly as a result of it being rotted, it will eventually lead to a wide variety of problems such as leaks and drafts. It’s also essential that your sills are functioning correctly because if not, closing and opening your windows will lead to aggravation and unnecessary headaches.

Rotted window sills tend to become misaligned as you continuously forcefully open and close it as it degrades from being rotten. While you may be able to continuously adjust the alignment, if you fail to fix the underlying reason the problem will only become worse until it eventually leads to an inoperable window that is unable to be closed or opened. Regardless of the type of window sill you may have if you live in Aurora we can provide you with a cost effective solution without a compromise on quality that will give you back the ability to open and close your window with ease.