Rotted window sill repair in Naperville

It’s fairly common for Naperville residents to feel a small stream of air coming from their windows, even if they are closed every now and then. However, you definitely shouldn’t be able to see your window rattling. But if your window sill has rotted, chances are that you experience this all the time. In a situation like this, you can use caulk and weatherstripping to seal the air leaks coming from the rotted window sill, but this is far from being a permanent solution. This is due to the fact that while you may be able to temporarily solve the problem, the wood will continue to rot to the point where the sill becomes brittle and leads to the window being in a permanently locked position.

Having served the residents of Naperville for several years, not only do we specialize in repairing and replacing windows, we can create a customized sills that fits your home regardless of the dimensions it requires. In most cases, even if you are unable to remove the rotten sill or give the correct dimensions of your sill, we will dispatch an expert who will assist you in doing so.