Rotten window repair Buffalo Grove

If the windows in your home are old, you can have regular inspections to stop them from rotting. If the condition of your windows has already depreciated, they will need to be replaced. The importance of acting quickly to repair rotten windows is they can cause leaks and allow moisture into your home. In most cases, the glass on the rotten windows become loose, if this happens, ants and other insects can find their way into your home.

Repairing a bad window is the first step; after the window has been fixed, it is important to find out what caused the rot in the first place. For example, if you notice the windowsill has been badly damaged, it is possible there were cracks in that area through which moisture got in and caused the damage.

Catch the rot early and let us fix it!

When you know the cause of rotten windows, it is easy to prevent the newly installed window frames from rotting. You will also be in ‘good hands’ when competent window repair and installation contractors handle the job.

We follow a professional approach to ensure our customers’ problems regarding rotten windows in Buffalo Grove are completely sorted. After repairs, our team will ensure the entire frame of the new window is properly sealed using high-quality materials to prevent cracks or leaks.

If you have been experiencing leaking windows or notice a discoloration of your window frame, it is time for an inspection. Call us today for all issues related to rotten or faulty windows in Buffalo Grove.