Rotten window repair Naperville

As we go further into the cold winter period, it is important that your windows function to the best of their ability. Over time, and due to many reasons, windows can become unresponsive. The windows may not function like they did when you just had them installed. One of the reasons for the poor functionality of your windows is rot. This can happen if there have been lingering leaks or exposure to moisture. This means the rotten windows will further depreciate because of the cold weather.

How to spot rotten windows

Some simple tips to know if your windows need to be repaired because of rot are as follows;

  • It will be obvious- In some cases, you can easily tell your window is rotten by looking at the window frame. It may become discolored or start falling apart.
  • Softened window frames- This can happen because of the moisture. If you notice the window frames have become soft, it is time to act quickly.
  • Damaged joints- The joints that hold the frame together start falling apart.

Fixing rotten windows

This is what you can do. First, schedule an inspection with an experienced window repair and installation expert to determine the extent of the rot. A proper check is necessary because other windows may also be affected. After the assessment, it will be clear if a replacement is needed or the type of repair that should be done.

If you are in Naperville, our window repair services are always available. We will carry out an inspection to know what caused the rot. After fixing the problem, we will give you tips to prevent a recurrence. Call us today for all issues related to rotten window repair in Naperville.