Round wood window repair

Round wood windows are beautiful. Window makers have explored many creative designs in the production of round wooden windows. Many years ago, they were merely fixed in rooms at the higher floors as viewing spots. Now, round wood windows can be found in homes, shops, religious houses, and museums. There is a wide range of conventional designs used in the production of round wood windows. The bespoke designs are also amazing, they have made round wood windows look very classy when installed correctly. Plain glass, tinted, or colored glass can be used in round wood windows. While a majority of the round wood windows are fixed, you can also find functional windows which are rotatable with side stainless steel hinges. Hence, they can be used in shops and public places for more ventilation.

Maintenance is the key in avoiding repairs

Maintaining these windows is necessary because the wood is exposed to weather elements. It may need to be restored or fixed when signs of stress appear on the wooden surface. Round wood window sash restoration is also essential because of the curvature of this wooden window sash. Regular maintenance of these spectacular windows is also essential to prevent leaks and to restore the glazing.

Our professional round wood window repair services in Chicago particularly ensure that fixed round wood windows are double glazed as a long-lasting solution to leaks. Creaking hinges on the rotatable round wood windows should also be checked to prevent further damage. In the case of cracked or broken window glass, extra care should be taken to ensure that the measurement is perfect to get the right fitting. Old windows are prone to rot, but with regular maintenance, they can last longer without any issues. Round wood windows which feature stained glass may also need to be regularly polished and restored back to its beautiful glory.

In Chicago, we are available for the installation, and repairs of all types of round wood windows. Give us a call today.