Sliding door repair

Sliding doors have been very popular in the United States for decades, and with good reason – they provide beautiful views, visually enlarge the space and fill your rooms with light. When they break down, it creates other troubles besides inconvenience, such as security issues when a patio door can’t be properly closed.

We can take care of any trouble you encounter with your sliding door repair in Chicago and the area, and this concerns all types of doors – from patio to glass wardrobe or regular closet doors. The simplest to resolve are issues like stuck doors. This is usually caused by wheels that are out of adjustment or a dirty track. You can make an attempt at repairing it yourself, and if it turns out that you need a hand – we’re always a phone call away.

Sliding door repair on your own

Here are the steps to take if you’d like to have a go at the sliding door repairs yourself:

Start with a cleaning – just as with window repair, if you’re lucky, you may get away with just removing a particularly large piece of dust, thus magically fixing the problem. Scrub the dirt out of the track with a tough brush and soap. If this doesn’t do the trick, and actual door repair is required, it is probably the rollers that broke down or need adjustment. In order to deal with the rollers, first locate the two adjusting screws on the bottom. Uncover trim caps, and see whether the screws themselves are evenly raised. If not, make sure to raise the lower one. If this does not solve the problem, raise both screws up by another quarter turn, thus raising the whole door slightly. Continue by sliding the door almost to the jamb, and make sure that the gap is even.

If the door still refuses to glide smoothly, door removal may be required for the rollers to be examined. You would need some help with that, the doors are very heavy. To loosen the sliding door, remove the stop molding, tilt the door back and rest it on sawhorses. Clean out the rollers, as there’s definitely debris there, lubricate slightly and see if they’re able to spin freely. If they aren’t, or if they are worn, bent or otherwise dysfunctional, replace them with new ones.

If you were able to follow our recommendations up until now, but nothing has resolved the problem, it’s probably time to call in the pros. We also provide window and garage door repairs, call us for professional and affordable services.