Storm and screen window repair

Windows are an integral part of every home. They are subject to weather damage, frequent use makes the window parts prone to wear and tear, and the glass also often becomes damaged or broken. However, we are offering excellent window glass repair services, so whatever the problem is, it can be fixed.

In this article, we will be discussing window glass repair for the following window types; storm windows, and screen windows.

Storm Windows

Damaged storm windows can be easily fixed by an expert window glass repair service. To avoid further damage and costs, this repair should only be undertaken by an experienced service provider.

First, the storm window sash will be taken apart to remove the damaged glass. The gasket will then be replaced and a new glass similar to the damaged glass put in. The storm window will then be replaced in the frame, leaving you with a layer of protection against wind and rain that’s so essential in the Chicago area.

Screen Windows

Repairing a screen window is also a task for an experienced window repairman. A good job should end with the repaired window looking firm along the frame. Depending on the availability of the fabric used as a screen this job should not take too long. First, the frame is taken apart and the damaged screen removed. Next, the new screen material is fixed and its edges firmly fitted into the frame before the screen window is mounted in its window space.

Before proceeding with the window repairs, it is essential that a replica of the damaged material or glass that will be used as a replacement is ready. If you do this, there will be no delays.

Glass and screen replacement can be done for all types of windows. The essential factors to consider are the type of glass and the size required to be used as a replacement. Accurate measurements must be taken to avoid future damage and poorly fitted window glasses. Overall, you will get the best results when you use a good window repair service for both measurements and the work itself, so don’t hesitate to call on us for a free estimate and professional advice