Trapeze window repair

The beauty of the trapezium-shaped windows is the ‘finishing touch’ effect they give to buildings. These distinctively shaped windows can be found in residential buildings, churches, and commercial buildings. While some people may regard these windows as having a tricky design that is not worth the gamble, many architects have got it right. The outcome is always an outstanding design that gives the building a unique look to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

You can find trapezium-shaped windows at the entrance to buildings, and also on the roof of buildings where they are merged in unique designs to give people a view of the skies. The installation of these windows can be quite tricky and should be handled only by professional window repair and installation technicians in Chicago.

Types of trapeze windows

While these windows add beauty to homes, they are also designed to be extremely energy efficient. Trapeze windows can either be fixed or functional, in which case, the bottom part of the window which forms a square can be fitted with a window door.

These windows can be made from metal, wood or vinyl materials. Regardless of the materials used in making the trapeze windows, aspects such as the frame and the sash should be properly attached to the window profile. The purpose is to make the window strong, while creating well-defined edges which add to its aesthetic appeal.

Some common issues experienced with these windows include:

  • broken or worn out window sash
  • faded window frame
  • leaks
  • broken window glass
  • low energy efficiency
  • other common window

In Chicago finding a window sash repairer is now easy; we can carry out a total window restoration to make your trapeze windows function perfectly for many more years. Call us for inspection; it is our job to fix any issues you are having with your windows.