Vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are an excellent option for homeowners who need moderately priced windows that can add beauty to the building while providing numerous advantages. Vinyl windows are made from PVC polymer; they were introduced commercially in the building and construction industry in 1954. The introduction of vinyl windows was appreciated in the European markets because it became an alternative to homeowners who wanted to experiment with windows made from materials other than wood.

While there have been some reservations about the use of PVC in making vinyl windows, they are very easy to manage, and there are window repair experts who have learned how to fix vinyl windows. Homeowners can use these services to replace residential glass windows when there is a fault or damage.

Some advantages of vinyl windows include:

  • Vinyl windows have excellent insulation properties

The PVC polymer that is used to make the vinyl windows provide an impressive insulation advantage that keeps the interior parts of the home warm during the winter season.

  • Vinyl windows are affordable

They are cheaper than wooden or fiberglass windows. And for the price, there is no compromise in functionality.

  • They require minimal maintenance

Homeowners who have used vinyl windows will hardly need to use the services of window repair experts to replace glass or window frames.

  • Vinyl windows can be personalized

Homeowners can choose from a variety of options and colors that will match the exterior painting of their homes. The availability of alternatives for vinyl windows has made them a preferred choice in the building and construction industry.

Disadvantages of vinyl windows

  • Deterioration due to exposure to harsh weather

Unfortunately, vinyl windows tend to fade when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The faded colors can make the windows less appealing. The homeowner may be compelled to change them because they cannot be painted.

  • Restricted use

Vinyl windows cannot be used for windows with arcs due to the rigid nature of the polymer. They are mostly used for square or rectangular shaped windows.

However, the minimal disadvantages have not discouraged many builders from installing vinyl windows in homes.