Watch out for window security

Windows have several functions, and security is an essential one. Maintaining your windows in a proper state provides your home with a greater degree of security. Unfortunately, burglaries are a fact of life in any neighborhood, and the windows, especially ground-floor windows, are among the most vulnerable places in a house. If you’re wondering what extra steps can be taken and what proper maintenance is required to safeguard your home, here’s a quick checklist.

Window security options

  • Security glass / security film options

Security glass is resistant to break-in attempts, as it’s sealed with several layers of polyvinyl butyral, a highly resilient material that can withstand a crowbar swing. Provides enhanced security against hurricane impact, too. Security films creates an effect similar to that of security glass, with an additional glare effect, which prevents people from seeing inside your house.

  • Security shutters, bars and grilles

These are installed on the façade, entirely covering up your windows, and are an excellent option for long-term absences. They also carry side benefits, such as sound insulation and blocking excessive heat from entering your house in the summers. Bars and grilles come in a variety of sizes and materials, so they need not ruin the look of your façade, and may actually enhance it.  Just make sure you don’t block all of the windows, leaving an unblocked fire escape for emergencies.

  • Security screens

Steel-mesh screens similar to insect screens, these will not be able to keep a burglar out, but they will increase the time required to get into your house.

  • And last, but not least, don’t forget to lock your windows and doors

Approximately 1/3 of the burglars enter the premises via an unlocked door or window. Secondary locks can be installed if the original fixtures do not seem secure enough.

Our experts are experienced in both advising the most suitable way to boost the security of your windows and doors, and implementing the optimum solution. Please call for a consultation if you require window repair services in the Chicago area.