Why do Window Sills Rot?

In this post I will be writing about the major causes of rot in window sills. Window sills are mostly made from wood, and they can last for many years if you use and maintain them properly. Some window sills are sturdy enough to support flower vases other heavy stuff, but it is not advice to do this because the weight can compromise your window sill.

The main causes of rot in window sill are as follows;

Poorly fixed windows

Windows that have been made wrongly or poorly fixed will not last very long because of rot. A poor job means the window seals and sash are not properly fixed and can allow moisture to gather in and around the window, this can cause rot.

Window sills should be sloped

Without a proper slope, the window sill can hold water which can cause rot over time. Sloping window sills allows water to drain off the window.

Exposure to moisture

The window sill is exposed to moisture outdoors and overtime it can rot because of the moisture retained in the sill.

Bugs and ants

These pests can also cause the window sill to rot. Pests should be prevented from window sills with the right methods.

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