Window frame repair cost

Regardless of quality, at a certain point all wooden windows succumb to rot. It may not happen as fast with high-quality wood and thorough finish, but eventually it will. That’s why all windows require mandatory annual examination and maintenance. In fact, repainting your windows every 3-5 years is likely to prevent rot damage and preserve them extremely well. Other steps in the annual maintenance plan should include thorough inspection, filling cracks with putty and caulking the edges. Window frame repair costs vary widely, and the cost of replacing windows is close to being prohibitive due to the fact that it’s difficult for homeowners to purchase replacement windows. Consider devoting one day a year to window maintenance, and you will be almost guaranteed savings of thousands of dollars in repair costs. Also, catching the very first stages of rot, when it’s just a small patch that can easily be removed and repaired even as a DIY project, is also a much more affordable way to deal with it than full-scale repairs several years down the road.

Types of repair

Most repairs related to home windows usually boil down to two types – window pane replacement or window frame and sash repair or replacement. Window sashes and frames are often confused with each other, so let’s start by clarifying the definitions. Window sash is the part that actually holds the glass, and the window frame holds the sash itself. Both can have issues of various including rot, and while fixed windows are free of mechanical problems, operable windows may have also problems with mechanisms.

Windows made of metal or composite materials are apparently more resistant to rot, and other troubles, such as termite attacks. However, wood windows are the only ones with that cozy, homey feel that’s impossible to render in any high-tech material. Your maintenance efforts will not go in vain – you will enjoy the views and save in a major way on window frame repair in Chicago for years to come. However, if you’re not into DIY projects – call us for a range of services – from annual window maintenance to windowsill repair and sliding door replacement.