Window installation

What to expect

Window installation in Chicago is a major project. If your house needs to have the windows replaced, or you’re building a brand-new house from foundation up, you need to understand what this process entails.

Professional installation

It’s crucial to engage top-notch professionals for high-quality installation. Otherwise, there are many things that could affect the way your house functions in the future. Energy efficiency may be decreased and aesthetic appeal may be damaged. Further work will probably be required to fix the problems, and if finding out that there’s a major draft in the middle of the winter isn’t on the top of your priority list, pursue professional services. What would that entail?

The actual removal of old windows and installation of new ones usually takes one day for a project of average complexity in a typical residential home. Naturally, it depends on both the number and type of windows you need installed. There is a certain amount of preparation work, which will bring a supervisor to your house to take precise measurements and compose a list of required materials.

Removal and installation takes a well-oiled experienced crew about 30 minutes per window.  After it’s completed, an important part of professional installation is debris removal.

DIY installation

If you are willing to take up this major project yourself, you should do serious research and be experienced with tools. You should also be aware that in certain cases warranty may be void if you install the windows yourself. DIY carries its risks, and the expensive mistake that you may be left with may exceed initial professional installation in cost.

Replacement or restoration

We always suggest to consider window restoration before window replacement. There are many good reasons to fix a window rather than splurge on new ones.

  • The cost of window repairs is a fraction of window replacement prices
  • An ecologically sound choice
  • Restoration has an excellent effect as far as improving energy efficiency and updating the look of your home are concerned

In most cases a window can be restored, even though it may not look like an option to the customer. Call on the professionals, and we’ll be happy to provide you with honest estimates of different ways to deal with your window-related problems.