Window rainstorm protection

One of the main window functions is to protect your home from the elements. In an earlier article, we’ve already covered window insulation, which, once implemented, should keep you warm in the winter, and now we’re undertaking another feat – to inform you of the variety of ways to ensure that your windows are watertight and windproof.

The Chicago area is often exposed to harsh weather conditions, and this important is information for all the residents of Illinois. Regular windows are subject to damage – glass may shatter and window sashes may be deformed. What action can be taken to protect your windows around Chicago?

Impact-resistant glass (hurricane windows)

This type of glass comprises two panes glued together with a transparent plastic sheet in-between, and the third layer added in afterwards for extra insulation on the interior side. The exterior side is extraordinarily strong and can resist high-speed winds, which are typical of rainstorms. Even if it does break, it doesn’t shatter, leaving you with a pile of glass shards on the floor; instead it breaks up into a spider web.

Another benefit of impact glass is that it deters burglars who simply cannot get inside through the windows.

Shutters/storm windows

Impact glass is a costly option, so many people choose to invest a smaller amount of money into storm windows or shutters. Storm windows fit on the exterior side of regular windows, providing an extra layer of protection, and can be removed at your discretion.

Shutters can be very useful in preventing debris from flying into your windows and keeping rain and wind out. Their advantages include speed and ease of use, and they may actually also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, if you match the style.

Other, smaller maintenance steps that you may consider taking in the beginning of the rainy season in order to attain a better level of protection from the weather are:

  • Varnish or paint your wood window, so as to prevent the frames from absorbing moisture
  • Check for loose hinges
  • Sand to make sure that your windows and doors open and close smoothly

Even the small steps are essential for protecting your windows from hurricane damage, so don’t neglect them in order to avoid major damage. We are a window repair company that can both help you prevent hurricane damage and repair it, if it is already done.