Window repair in Oak Lawn

Wooden windows are a common feature in many homes now; we are not surprised because wood windows are beautiful and most suitable for a wide range of architectural designs. And they can last for a very long time. With proper care and maintenance, your wood windows can add more beauty to your home for many years. However, as it is with the exterior parts of a building, exposure to varying weather conditions which is often harsh in one way or another can cause your wood windows to deteriorate quickly. If you notice that some parts of your wood windows have begun to fade, rot or peel, no worries – don’t start thinking about a replacement yet. Let our wood window repair experts have a look first.

Restoration: always preferable to replacement

In many cases, a simple restorative process will enhance the beauty and quality of your wood windows again. So you can avoid the costs of buying a new window. All types of wood windows can be restored; however, the decision should be made after a professional assessment by our team of window repair technicians. If the damage is too extensive, then, and only then you may have to replace the window.

We work with our clients to ensure that scheduled maintenance is done at the right time to prevent the level of damage that will require your wood windows to be replaced. During these scheduled maintenance our technicians study and make note of parts of your window that need to be restored to keep the entire frame intact and to function perfectly.

Delaying the inspection of wood windows is one of the reasons they get damaged beyond repair. You can now take advantage of our window repair and replacement service in Oak Lawn. Our team will schedule a detailed inspection of your wood windows and present you with a report which will reflect the state of your windows and the restoration processes that need to be done to prevent you from spending more money for replacements. Call us today in Oak Lawn for a quick and professional window repair service.