Window Sash Maintenance Tips

The window sash has many essential functions, so you should focus on its maintenance to prevent expensive repairs. The window sash holds the panes in position firmly. They also provide support to the window frame and add to its aesthetic features.

I have compiled some essential window sash maintenance tips you can use to prevent rot and damage;

Keep the window clean

Cleaning your windows is an important activity. You should ensure your windows are cleaned with mild cleaning agents, warm water, and a soft brush or cleaning cloth. This will prevent condensation or gathering of dirt on your window sash.

Repainting the window sash

This also means you should paint all the parts of your windows regularly. The painting should be done when you observe the previous paint is fading away. Painting protects the surface of your window sash from damage.

Regular checks

It is a great idea to invite professional window repair experts to check your windows and the sashes often. This way, any cracks or signs of rot can be detected and quickly fixed.

Check the insulation

These features should be regularly assessed by a window repair expert to ensure your windows are properly insulated.

Maintenance for your windows should be done regularly. If you observe any signs of rot, we offer expert rotted window sash repair services in Tinley Park. Please contact us for an efficient and reliable job.