Windows repair in Bolingbrook

Birds hitting windows can cause great impact, causing damage to them than what could be imagined. There are several reasons why birds fly into windows and break them. One major reason is because of reflections. When they fly and see the windows reflecting the image of a tree, they may mistakenly take such reflected image for a real tree where they can land and build their nests.

Whenever this happens, the most important thing to do first is to assess the damage and subsequently repair the broken window.

Below are three essential things to search for whenever this incident happens:

  • Smears: a smear will help you determine the exact location of the collision. Carefully examine the surrounding area to ascertain if there is any damage to the window.
  • Cracks: if the hit occurs with a great impact, there may be an occurrence of spider web cracks from the spot of impact. This form of damage will require replacement rather than repairing it.
  • Holes: a big and fast flying bird can cause an impact that creates a hole in a window. A professional’s attention will be needed to repair the broken window or replace it as the case may be.

Solutions to prevent bird window collisions

The best ways to prevent the future occurrence of window collisions is to make the glass less reflective. Below are interior and exterior methods of achieving this.

  • Place an object in the window. An example is an ornament.
  • Avoid placing bird feeders before highly-reflective windows.
  • Minimize reflections by installing interior blinds or shutters.
  • Select window designs with wood strips to deter birds.
  • Remove house plants that are near to windows.
  • Incorporate awnings on patio doors and large windows. This will help to prevent the reflections from sunlight.
  • Add taut screens to window exteriors. The taut screens will assist to remove the reflection. Besides, when birds collide with the screens, the impact will not be huge, hence, minimizing the occurrence of serious injury.
  • Install etched windows which have a less reflective surface area.


If these interior and exterior techniques are properly adopted, there will be low risks of bird window collisions that are often experienced.