Wood window repair or replacement ?

Most homeowners experience problems of different scale with their windows at one time or another.  When the problems become overwhelming, you may begin wondering whether wood window replacement is your best bet. We believe that repairing wood windows is the best answer in most cases, and we are going to do our best to explain this position.

Clearly, from the environmental point of view repair is a much more conscientious choice. There’s already more than enough waste on our planet, and no need to create more. From this very general idea, let’s get down to earth and see what the difference will be for you personally.

In the vast majority of cases, windows are viable and may be repaired to serve for decades on end. The extent of damage needs to be evaluated, but the fact that window replacement is several-fold more expensive than practically any type of window repairs is clear.

Most problems that seem hopeless may actually be linked to smaller issues and be resolved easily.

Typical window-related problems

Window rot usually succumbs to repair, unless it has already spread to the larger part of the frame.

Water seeping through to the interior may be the consequence of problems with exterior window casing or poorly draining gutters and drainpipes.

If water is condensing inside your insulated glass unit, this problem may be resolved by conducting a defogging procedure, and subsequent resealing.

Inoperable sashes, broken muntins or mullions, cracked glass and many other problems may also be fixed and do not require replacement windows.

Even though the range of problems that you are facing may be extensive, it’s time to do the math. Pretty simple math, actually – just consider the fact that the cost of rotten window restoration ranges from $500 – 600, while the repairs usually come out to $150 – 250 on the average. If you need several parts of the windows repaired and it adds up to an amount comparable to the replacement costs, it may indeed be time to consider replacing your wood windows. We will be happy to provide you with a qualified consultation regarding the choice to be made between repair and replacement.