Wood windows repair in Orland Park

There is a huge difference between window restoration and window replacement. Window restoration involves repair works that are carried out on windows while replacement involves removing existing windows and substituting them with entirely new ones.

An example of replacement is window sash replacement. Unless the damage done to a window is so critical and severe, it is not advisable to consider replacement.

Many people prefer window restoration to fix the issues than undergoing window replacement due to a number of reasons:

  • to maintain the architecture of their home
  • economic reasons
  • the windows are just literally not working and they’re burning up in the summer
  • they’re leaking air and sometimes water
  • the windows have wood rot problems that can be repaired

Predictive maintenance of the windows is more economical than the corrective maintenance. When windows are given prompt attention whenever faults are detected, immediate repairs should be carried out on them. However, if these problems are ignored, they will lead to total destruction and breakdown of the window, a condition that will necessitate replacement. This is very expensive.

A homeowner should consider window repair whenever they find that their windows are hard to operate. Otherwise, they may end up replacing them. As a homeowner, you should be proactive about doing preventative maintenance to help increase the lifespan of your windows.

Cost – A Factor to Consider When Deciding Between Restoration and Replacement

It’s much cheaper to fix windows than it is to replace them. For instance, simple repairs on a window can cost less and last for fifty years, while replacing a window may cost four times more and last between ten to fifteen years.

How Homeowners Orland Park Their Windows

  • Homeowners should clean up all the windowsills. This is to prevent the accumulation of dirt that normally collects there in the winter. If this is not taken seriously, the dirt will trap water and eventually rot the wood.
  • Homeowners can also ensure that they wax the channels that the windows run in. this will enable them to run a whole lot smoother. Waxing them annually can ease their operation.

In any case, we believe that restoration is better than replacement unless the damage to the window is absolutely critical. Call us for free no-obligation advice!