Wooden windows – pros and cons

Wooden windows are beautiful. One of the reasons homeowners install wooden windows in their homes is the fact that they get to choose the type and color of wood they need from a wide range of options. The wooden frame of these windows usually matches the exterior paint. Wooden windows are also very easy to use. They can be installed in the bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms, and any other areas at the discretion of the homeowner. Wooden windows have been seen on buildings for a very long time; they represent the unique taste of the homeowner. For extra privacy, some wooden windows have wooden shutters that can prevent light and sound from coming in, and aid in insulation.

Some advantages of wooden windows include:

  • Durability

When good wood is used in the construction of these windows, they can last for many years or even decades. The durability of wood as a construction material is one of the reasons it was originally considered suitable for the construction of windows.

  • Wood provides insulation

During the winter or windy nights, wooden windows can keep the interior part of the home warm and comfortable for the family.

  • Wooden windows are attractive

They have such an amazing aesthetic appeal that they are often chosen by homeowners for their homes.

Some disadvantages of wooden windows include:

  • Constant maintenance

Wood needs to be regularly maintained and painted to prevent rot. The exposure of wooden windows to harsh environmental elements can also cause peeling and require frequent repainting to prevent it from deteriorating. In the case of damage or rot, the homeowner will need to call a window repair service experienced in rotten wood repair.

  • Wooden windows are prone to termite attack

Despite the amount of care for the wooden windows, they remain prone to termite attacks. To prevent termite attacks, the homeowner may need to spend a lot of money to treat them with chemicals that prevent termites from eating and destroying the wood.

  • They are expensive

It is true that cheaper wooden windows exist, but the less expensive products may cause problems later. Windows made from quality wood are very expensive. The cost rises when there are numerous and unusually shaped windows in a house.

Overall, wooden windows are beautiful and efficient, and homeowners who can afford them should not hesitate to choose them for their homes.