Window frame repair cost

Regardless of quality, at a certain point all wooden windows succumb to rot. It may not happen as fast with high-quality wood and thorough finish, but eventually it will. That’s why all windows require mandatory annual examination and maintenance.

Double pane windows repair

Double pane windows are traditionally considered a lifesaver in terms of energy saving (which equals money saving in this case), thus adding to the home resale value. Are they as energy-efficient as they are proclaimed to be?

Door repair garage

Door garage repair is almost always an emergency – you either need to get in or get out, and all of a sudden there’s no way of doing it. Fortunately, the range of problems that you may encounter with your garage doors is fairly limited.

Residential window repair

Residential window repair near me is a way to deal with many issues – improve the appearance of your home from both inside and outside, allow more light inside the rooms, secure windows against the elements,